Bathtub Refinishing Reviews…How Reliable Are They?

During your search for a bathtub refinishing service provider you’ve probably come across bathtub refinishing reviews. As you read through them, you probably get an idea whether the service provider is reliable or not, right? And, the reviewer is being honest and straightforward, right? For the most part, you should probably trust your gut reaction as most consumers give their honest opinions.

Nonetheless, in order to make a uniformed decision whether to use a bathtub refinishing service provider or not, you should use bathtub refinishing reviews wisely as you should not trust them blindly. Here are a few things you can do:

Understand Reality. Sometimes bathtub refinishing reviewers over-rate or under-rate for a number of reasons, such as:

  1. Anger or disappointment over an experience
  2. Competition. Consider the possibility that a bathtub refinishing reviewer may be a competitor seeking revenge in order to steal business away.
  3. Phony reviews. Some bathtub refinishing service providers will post reviews about themselves. Believe it or not, this is common.

The Point. Please take into consideration that the bathtub refinishing review you are reading may be only as good as the surface it’s written onto, especially if they seem too negative or too positive.

Here are a few things you can do to take control of the situation and make a uniformed decision with whom you hire as your bathtub refinishing service provider:

  • If you read a bad review, give the bathtub refinishing service provider a chance to explain as there may be warranted circumstances.
  • Make sure that any service provider you contract with is legally allowed to do so. Ask if they are licensed. You may be told that your particular area does not require licensing and this may be very well true but if you are not 100% sure, check your counties web site or call your local county office to verify if this is actually true. There are many providers out there working under the radar and these are the ones you need to watch out for.
  • In conjunction with licensing, they should be insured. Just imagine, you hire an uninsured contractor and they do some serious damage, who’s going to be liable? If they don’t have insurance… you are!
  • Ask how long they have been in business, have they been professionally trained, and do they have contactable references that date back to the time they first started business. Do not hesitate to call on these references for verification.

The Bottom Line. If you take into consideration the things I have said above, you will surely have a happy experience. My name is George Piccot, former bathtub refinishing service provider and manager of Topkote Products at Sumter Coatings in Sumter, South Carolina. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 803-316-6723 and I will be happy to answer them.

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