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We warranty our work against cracking or peeling from the date of completion for (  ) years.

Rental Properties & Commercial (one) year Bathroom Sinks, Tile Shower pans, have a warranty of (one) year.

Due to the amount of wear most kitchen Sinks,floor Soap Dish Holder, spot repairs and Drain Pipes receive they do not have a warranty at all. If fixtures do require a touch-up and fall within the limits of this warranty, all work and material will be supplied at no cost to you. Chips from impacts are not covered on warranty.. *If we do not remove the old finish: • We do not warranty rust repairs.

• Caulking is not warranted from the time work is done We are not responsible for dust particles that may fall into the tub while the new finish is Draying This Guarantee does not apply to customer neglect of the above listed items suck repair Will be the responsibility of customer and not the refinisher..



* Customers may not use Comet, Ajax, Kaboom or other abrasive cleaners, acids, toilet bowl cleaners or any product not designed specifically for bathroom fixture cleaning is used on the tub.


* Customers may not use scrubbing sponges, steel wool, sandpaper or other gritty object is used to clean the tub.




LONG TERM CARE Please use non-abrasive cleaners such as Scrubbing Bubbles, Lysol Tub & Tile, Mr. Clean Eraser or Dawn Dish Soap. This will protect your new finish.


* The tub is used within 24 hours after the refinishing process is completed.

* Customer uses tools, ladders or other heavy objects in the tub, or dropped on the tub, or knocked against it. LONG TERM This will protect your new finish. We are not responsible for dust particles that may fall into the tub while the new finish is all possible precautions will be taken to prevent this from happening . Failure to follow care and maintenance instructions will void this warranty. This warranty is non-transferable.


Do WAX your reglazed tub two weeks after it is done. And once every 1-3 months after. Use regular auto wax and DO NOT OVER BUFF. Start by first thoroughly cleaning the surface then gently wiping dry. Then apply a light thin light coat of wax with a damp cloth using light circular motions. Wipe excess wax with a soft dry cotton towel.

Remenber.if you treat your new surface with respect ,clean it regularly , and fallow the above guidelines, your fixture will stay shiny and brigh, and give you many years of trouble-free service...


Polishing your tub


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